Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

By Temitope Adefolaju

Coined from the ripples of the ocean waves
Fast current charges the heart with fear
Nature traveling in her circus
En route to comfort all creatures.

In spite of all her attempts
The bolder we become, the more of fear we know
For as we behold the untold
The voices we hear teach our hearts to fear.

Naked, many said we came
But clothed in courage were we birthed
The surge of too much caution is
Electrocuting our undaunted faith.

Still, we rise with the chance to fight
Annihilating regrets of what we’ve learnt
Day in, day out, we win new ground
The shield of boldness
Though unbent like a coin
We have to recast.

Through the bent on old Kent road
We cornered the truth:
“Born with courage, trained to fear”
Oh! What a wrinkle upon our golden coin!
Now shall we thrive:
To unlearn our fears and rebirth our courage!
For we shall count not our loses
But all our gains we shall harvest.

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