Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

“An amazing thing has happened in South Africa following the release of the New Anointing Water a couple of days ago by Prophet TB Joshua’s SCOAN. Not only did this event indicate the efficacy of prayer in the battle against Covid-19 and its new strain, it is another reinforcement of the fact that there are no barriers to the power of prayer and anointing.”

TB. Joshua During the Presentation of the New Anointing Water

These were the words of an amazed observer of the video made by a South African witness of the latest miracle emanating from the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Videos of the miracle have already gone viral.

According to the witness who as a member of the Emmanuel TV partners received the New Anointing Water, the latest receivers of the miracle were a South Africa based pastor and his family who had been diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus. The pastor and his family had been manifesting various symptoms of the virus and the Partner decided to pray with them on phone with the New Anointing Water.

In the video showing the Pastor flanked by his children on a sofa, the lady Emmanuel TV Partner is seen praying with them and sprinkling the New Anointing Water on the phone screen while in the accompanying voice over, she narrates the event. According to her, ‘They couldn’t sleep before (the administration of the Anointing Water) and now they are all okay without the symptoms.”

Apart from the power of the Anointing Water on her friends, the Partner from South Africa also testified with the video of her own househelp and nanny who started manifesting instantly, writhing and moaning on the floor violently, and was delivered as soon as the Anointing Water was sprinkled on her body.

She said, “The above lady (in the video) stays in my house as my helper and nanny for my son. When I was ministering the New Anointing Water to the family that has Covid-19 over the phone, she started to manifest and got her deliverance.”

This latest evidence of signs and wonders from the Synagogue has got people talking around the world with many praising God for the good things being done through his servant, T.B. Joshua.

Below are the links to videos of the event as obtained by The Lagosian Magazine.

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