Fri. May 20th, 2022

Due to the unexpected simultaneous surfacing of the two ‘Black Swans’ in 2020; COVID-19 and the international oil crisis, one might feel what trends could possibly surface in fashion if at all there’s going to be any. Nonetheless, the fashion world keeps up at its trends. So I bring to you THE EVOLVING FASHION TRENDS IN WEDDINGS FROM 2020.

China is a leading supplier of wedding gowns. As much as 80% of the world’s western-style gowns are produced there, according to the American Bridal and Prom Industry Association. Many factories in China have remained closed this year as the country attempts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Although China’s vast manufacturing engine is slowly coming back on, but the extended shutdown has resulted in production delay across the board for all kinds of products, including wedding gowns.

Here are some Bridal trends, which showcase the styles that every bride should bookmark as she shops for her future big day in 2020.
It’s impossible to choose a favourite (we’ll leave that to you!), but it’s safe to say that the following styles speak to the many facets of the contemporary woman—someone who is bold, but romantic, refined, but natural.


Half skirt offers both the volume of a ball gown and the slinkiness of a sheath. Most commonly seen as a sheer overlay, the half-skirt encircles the back half of a shift, simultaneously defining the waist and adding another layer of visual intrigue to the gown. The best part about these accents? They’re often removable—which makes transitioning your wedding dress from ceremony to reception a breeze (no second garment needed).

It makes sense, that your big-day attire could model a ballerina’s as weddings have plenty in common with the ballet.Your wedding day is the perfect day to dress like a princess and what is more princess-like then a big tulle skirt and romantic details.  These ballerina-inspired dresses will have you floating down the aisle like the beautiful and graceful bride you are.

You can now integrate the very best parts of this beloved staple into your bridal look. Both short and long sleeved options are more across multiple designers’ new series . While some designers offered actual T.shirt-like garments and kept the piece’s structure in mind when reimaging traditional bodices. You’d love the results of both approaches: Casual, comfortable and elegance.

This is one of the most popular silhouette from Spring 2020 Bridal Fashion Week. The unexpected cut is back in a big way—with a contemporary twist, of course. Designers didn’t just lower waistlines—they wrapped them with gauzy tulle, added flattering curves and even made them sexy. The often-demure cut looks incredible when paired with a sheer skirt. Versatility is arguably the best part of this trend. A drop waist number can feel either shockingly bold or impossibly classic, depending on the rest of the ensemble.

The signature colour of the season; green is undoubtedly here to stay. Green-and-white color palettes have dominated the modern-day wedding sphere-and bridal gowns are now following suit. The dresses are ensembled with lush verdant motifs. They are in both printed and embellished vine details. Hand-painted jade florals and green 3D rose accents added bold statements to these numbers.

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