Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

For quite a while, he had not been featuring in the usual healing sessions during service and broadcast at the Synagogue Church of All Nations. In most of the Distance is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Sessions of recent weeks, he had allowed his disciples, the junior prophets to take charge, howbeit under his guidance and blessings.

But his absence from the sessions got many wondering: HAS TB JOSHUA TOTALLY ABANDONED THE HEALING SESSIONS? Surely the world missed the internationally renowned Man of God and televangelist. Yesterday the world’s question got an answer and the ways and manner in which TB Joshua responded reverberated in a big way across the world.
To the delight of millions of Emmanuel TV viewers around the world, it was indeed a day of huge delight yesterday as they saw Prophet TB Joshua back on the screen looking trim and fit. As soon as the klieg lights beamed on him and the cameras started rolling, he assured the world with a smile and said, “It has been quite some time. I took a resting time. Resting time is time to receive from God. Working time is time to give what we receive from God. This is a difficult time where every day is filled with uncertainty.”

The Prophet went ahead to reveal to the world part of what he had been doing when he was not ministering on TV. He revealed that he had been on the mountain, praying and seeking the face of God: “These are some of the places I spend my time to receive the message you are about to hear right now,” Joshua said.

Not long after, the Man of God in his usual candour and undiluted patrician love for the flock began to do what the world had been waiting for. “Never a sickness, never a disease Jesus cannot heal,” he began. “Never a burden Jesus cannot bear. Every garment of sickness, every garment of affliction – be removed, in the name of Jesus! Whatever sickness in your internal organs, in your system, in your organs – be removed, in the name of Jesus! I can hear Jesus say, “You are free!” Let healing anointing flow from your head to your toes, to all your internal organs in the name of Jesus Christ!”
And the world of TV viewers from hundreds of nation glued to their TV watching Emmanuel TV responded with mighty amens in millions of homes. TB Joshua went on:
“The right hand of God is power. Let the healing power, the healing anointing flow from your head to your toes, to all your internal organs, in the name of Jesus Christ! By the power of Your Spirit – that affliction, that sickness, that virus – be flushed out, in the name of Jesus Christ! That COVID-19 – be flushed out, in the name of Jesus Christ! I purge your organs, in the name of Jesus! I purge your system, in the name of Jesus Christ! I purge your internal organs, in the name of Jesus! I purge that affliction – out, in the name of Jesus!”

Many more prayers were said and the flow of anointing was obvious for millions of TV viewers to see and the response was effusive. Then came the grand moment and the world again realised that the short time absence of TB Joshua was a huge blessing for the afflicted world.

The greatest beneficiaries of the moment were patients of an Isolation Centre in Honduras, a central American nation nestled between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.
For weeks, as the pandemic raged, patients and doctors of this isolation facility in Honduras had watched with wonder how Covid-19 patients from around the world had received healing and testified to same after hooking on to the Distance is Not A Barrier Prayer Sessions on Emmanuel TV. They obviously believed that if they also keyed in with faith and allowed TB Joshua to impact on them, something monumental would also take place in their nation of Honduras.

And TB Joshua did not deny them this unique opportunity. Despite the huge distance between Honduras and the Emmanuel TV Studio in Lagos, Nigeria, TB Joshua again proved that God’s power remains more majestic even in distance. The world was soon watching the amazing power unleashed by God as TB Joshua prayed for the Isolation Centre Patients by merely standing before the screen in the Emmanuel TV Studios and pointing to the patients watching and listening thousands of miles away.

TB Joshua prayed on: “Never a sickness, never a disease Jesus cannot cure. Never a virus Jesus cannot flush out. Be flushed out, in the name of Jesus Christ! You are free!” And the healings were instant!


“I can breathe perfectly! I’m feeling excellent!” exclaimed Antonio, one of the Honduran COVID-19 patient in response to the efficacy of the electrifying prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua in Jesus’ name. This participant at the Honduras Isolation Centre Interactive Prayer Session immediately rushed to the toilets to defecate, something that he could not do before. The obviously relieved patient informed the world that he was able to pass out all of the poisonous substances from his body. He demonstrated his healing by moving around the isolation facility, stretching and exercising his body amidst effusive praise worship for his deliverance.

Another beneficiary of the prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua was a COVID-19 positive patient who could only breath with the aid of an oxygen mask. Her healing appeared instant as she immediately bobbed up from her bed. “I sensed the healing and delivering power of God. I felt my lungs fill up with air,” the woman whose name is Aracely hollered.
Aracela soon demonstrated her healing by admitting that she no longer needed the oxygen mask. “I can now breathe by myself, to the glory of God,” she exclaimed. And she went further to advise viewers to surrender to the power of God.

Another of the many patients who were impacted on by TB Joshua’s amazing gift was another Honduran Isolation Centre inmate called Angel. His exhilarating joy was visible as he testified to being set totally free from COVID-19 after the Interactive Prayer Session with Prophet T.B. Joshua. “I have recovered my strength! I’m healed! I’m fine now – everything about me is fine now!” he cried with joy.

Prophet T.B. Joshua went ahead to declare all the patients in the Honduras Isolation Centre free in the name of Jesus. “You are free, in Jesus’ name!” he assured. “Jesus that freed you will help you to maintain your miracle. Make the Word of God the standard for your life.”

It was indeed another amazing miracles day watching the world wide sensation that Emmanuel TV has become.

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