By Odòlayé Baa Wàkí Àrẹ̀mú


I swooned over Tekno a few years ago. Let’s be real, the kid is ubercool, smooth and reminds me of Neyo back in the day, when Neyo was Neyo. However he is now suddenly boring with his back to back download of the different girls he met on the road to fame or those left behind in his hard past. Bubblegum pop style. His musical immaturity is evidenced in each one of those syrupy songs. Samantha today, Folake tomorrow, Erema, Bolanle or Monica some other time. Abeg! Someone must hint him about uncle Felix Lebarty with his own Rolodex of chicks back then in the 80s.

I Can’t Kill Myself!

Now Timaya is not my favorite Afrobeat hunk, but he first got my attention with “I Concur.” However, he released a single last year that looks to definitely outlive him. Everything about ‘I Can’t Kill Myself’ is brilliantly Nigerian. A bluesy, therapeutic vibe that speaks calmly to the crazy, under-appreciated Nigerian hustler and his box of unending hustles. A musical reassurance of note. It motivates me everytime – to leave shit behind, to unwind, to puff, to drink and to slowly dance it all away at a go!

It shall definitely rank up there one day in musical value as Fela’s “Water No Get Enemy” because of its stark relatability. An inclusive song for every Nigerian or any blackman anywhere. Timaya’s frustration is noticeable in the perfect manner he submitted himself to the usual, moody way of the average, hardworking man with not a damn thing to show for his hustles but his unexplainable ability to keep going hard at it.

“I Can’t Kill Myself O, Allow Me To Flex O!”

I appreciate musical brilliance. Not necessarily when measured in awards or accolades but in the timelessness of the vibe. This right here is a simple song with overreaching quality – a catchy hook and a captivating chorus! Masterfully aesthetic.

We are truly tired in Nigeria! We are indeed, nearly done. We are just getting by on our damn last nerve! Nothing is encouraging. The shitty economy. Massive Unemployment. The death of affordable and quality Healthcare. The horrors of our political Leaderlessness. And now the scourge of Coronavirus. In it all, we shall continue to rant on in Timaya’s everyday motivational anthem – supported in cool, smooth, Afro melody. After all man no die, man no kúkú rotten! I Can’t Come And Kill Myself too!

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