World-renowned televangelist, PROPHET T.B. Joshua, has lent a strong voice to the search for peace in South Sudan as he brings a strong message of hope to that African country on the invitation of its President, Salva Kiir.

During a special meeting with his host, T. B. Joshua admonished the leaders of the Republic that it was time for the cessation of violence and enthronement of peace in the war-ravaged nation.

As an international peacemaker, TB Joshua encouraged the leaders and indeed all South Sudanese to work together and rid the country of its challenges.

Prophet, T.B Joshua who arrived Juba the capital on Tuesday afternoon following an invitation by President Salva Kiir was given a rousing welcome reserved for visiting Presidents and Heads of State.

With the visit of TB Joshua, many South Sudanese fervently believed that parties to the revitalized peace agreement would soon form a coalition government and resolve all disagreements over the training and unification of forces.

They also believed that the issue of the boundary and the number of states which is one of the bones of contention would be resolved leading to lasting peace in the country.

Conventional wisdom in the country after the Tuesday visit of TB Joshua and his meeting with the President is that the long-term feud between President Kiir and Machar would soon be resolved, bringing lasting peace to the country.

According to T.B Joshua, the country must embrace peace. “South Sudan is losing out on development and investment due to the prolonged political disagreements and conflicts, ” South Sudan’s media quoted Joshua as saying.

“As leaders, we should overcome our divisions and agree to work together for the good of this country,” he reportedly told government officials and invited guests at the State House, popularly known as J1.

“Our leaders should overcome their divisions and allow them to come back to develop their father land,” T. B Joshua went on.

A very strong sign that TB Joshua’s visit to South Sudan is already yielding dividends came from the speech of President Salva Kiir, Joshua’s chief host.
The President was enthusiastic that the coming of the man of God and Apostle of peace signaled the advent of peace in the country.

According to President Kiir, “T.B Joshua’s visit to South Sudan will usher in the needed reconciliation among the leaders.”
“This is the beginning, it should be the beginning for the best for the people of South Sudan and I will tend to also believe that we have also crossed a long distance searching for peace,” Kiir said at the same event.

“Now that the man of God has come to South Sudan, I believe that peace is at the corner.”

News reaching The Lagosian indicate that TB Joshua is fast becoming an alternative channel of peace in many African countries and is in high demand by the high and lowly of such lands when it comes to issue of peace tranquility and national progress.

As reported by Sola Ojewusi

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