THE LAGOSIAN INTERNATIONAL EXCLUSIVE!!! “China turns African Prisoners to Slaves” – Nigerian man shares chilling details of Alleged Abuse of Chinese Judicial System

By Our Correspondent

In a multi-page handwritten note, a Nigerian man has shared some staggering details about the lives and living conditions of foreigners and untried law offenders in China. The piece which was allegedly smuggled out of where the young man is currently being held, reveals how the Chinese Government has repeatedly fooled countries all over the world by demonstrating diplomacy when in actual sense, has no regard for foreigners nor foreign policies whatsoever.

The unnamed prisoner who seems to have spent a few years in one of China’s prison without a proper trial explained how the Chinese government deliberately built prisons in different parts of the country in the bid to use prisoners for hard labour. He claimed that Africans, especially those from countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Congo, Cameroun, Senegal, South Africa, Egypt, and Uganda, are reduced to slaves and used in developing industries in the country.

The piece was divided into four chapters, highlighting alleged despicable acts meted against prisoners in China, the hidden conspiracy against Countries like the United States of America, Media Propaganda to ensure the world stays ignorant about such dehumanizing treatments, the steps being taken by the victims to put an end to the injustice, among many other alarming details that will send chills down anyone’s spine.
In the first chapter, the Nigerian prisoner, who admitted he was arrested on the grounds of smuggling hard drugs, mentioned how Chinese Government bribes foreign ambassadors to keep them mute on the hardship that foreign nationals face. He then progressed to explain the mass killings of youths in the Xinjiang, Tibet, Macao, Taiwan, Heimenggu and Hongkong regions to ensure that their acts do not get into the wrong hands.

He wrote, “CHAPTER ONE: The Lawless peoples Republic of Chinas government secret affair. That mask Chinese Government wore at the face of the world in order to convince the world is already expired. Chinese government stages people through bribery and payment to not say the reality of China but to be talking good about them and promote them to the world. At the same time China government stages diplomats, officials and representatives, bribed and paid them to blackmail other countries by publishing and saying against the countries such as the United States of America, Japan, Brazil, France, Canada, Australia, even Germany and United Kingdom.

“China government uses Chinese telecommunication and technology industries to steal Security intelligence datas and secret information from many countries.
“China is a debt traptor to the African continent, and at the same time, the African government fooled themselves to become the debt captive to the greedy poverty in marrow China.
“China government is the secret machinery and virus behind Iranian nuclear threat to America, Venezuela political threat to America, North Korea missile testing threat to America, Russian challenging power threat to America.
“China government has butchered all the youths of all the regions that are supposed to be China, such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Macao, Taiwan, Heimenggu, Hongkong etc.
“China is abuse of space launch, trade, products quality, product brand, products price, religions, traditional festivals, cultures, languages, products quantity etc.
“China only practice criminal injustice, but always hears and sings human right, opening up, international law and reformation like a fairy tale.”

Explaining the structure of Prisons and the crude policies practiced by Chinese courts, the unnamed prisoner stated, “All Chinese industries are built inside prisons, and this is the reason why they spread prison more than electric wire round the nation and built showcases buildings and agents offices to convince the world.
“Why Chinese government doesn’t want to accept, rectify an agreement on prisoners swap with many countries most especially the African nations such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, Cameron, South Africa, Senegal, Egypt etc, what are China doing with all these prisoners, just because of free labour.
“China needles mingles in every other countries government internal affairs, and bribing to have full control of other countries affairs.
“China is now using monopolization over many countries in the name of win-win cooperation, trade, infrastructures, developments and the worst belt and road initiative.
“In China government whereby Court date of approval of sentence come out with no Court stamp not even in the network system because the prisons warden police officers have the stamp in the prisons.
“Who is the poverty in marrow China to claim that they contribute to the world economy.
“Who is the poverty in marrow China to enhance their military presence in other countries, but we must put all blame on the United States of America for allowing China to even dream, think to participate in all these roles.
“China the prisoners resource nation, that promote prisoners ritualism in the name of Human Resource has imprison half of the Africans pushed and forced us to the hardest labour among all hard labours on earth to be working and vomiting money for them, working both Sunday to Sunday, both day and night from month to month and year to year.
“In China prisons, officers stage what prisoners should say to our families both in forcing prisoners to work both on Sundays and both day and night.
“In China prisons, there is a torturing building where prisoners were tortured to death just because, we were trying to speak the truth to our families.
“Under the China Criminal Law, foreigners have no foreigner ship benefit in judgment and in prison, instead we foreigners are extremely punished worse than Chinese citizen.”
“It doesn’t pain us so much that this liar nation has the mind and be proud to sentence every African death delay or two years suspension which serves more than 99 (Ninety-nine) years in total in China, but what terrorizes us most is the worst condition of what we passed through, and many are still passing through it till tomorrow, because this death delay imprisonment had been a free gift and the only free gift China has for we Africans, mostly Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, in fact, African Continent.

“China does not calculate prison serving sentence terms by day and night equals to 2 days like every other country instead, they only calculate through date, as 1 date equals to one day. The worst calculation of sentence on earth, whosoever China sentence to 90 years imprisonment always serves an automatic 90 years sentence to 85 years so as to every one of us in China.
“We were all put to death delay or through years suspension imprisonment, just because of a little quantity of drug cases, and it becomes what the greedy China took the advantages against us for their economy and business interest.”

Apart from the consistent subjection to manual labour, foreign prisoners were said to have been exposed to numerous forms of infections and diseases which are left untreated even after some wardens must have cleverly collected sums of money from the families of the inmates. In his words, “Within few month of being in prison, every prisoners became infected and diagnosed with many different kind of severe sicknesses like one eye blindness, two eyes blindness, paralysis, kidney, lungs, brain, heart sicknesses, etc., and no easy or serious sickness is cured instead, we suffered them till when we go, because no hospital, no health care, no treatment, no medicine, no food and nothing to use to manage ourselves.

“China urges and forced prisoners to be asking money for our feedings from our families and when the money is being sent, they seized it for their own business interest. In the year 2015, when China celebrated Seventy years, 70th years anniversary to mark the end of Second World War and currently this year 2019 October 1st anniversary, they gave we prisoners freedom forms to sign, they pictured us, videoed us, interviewed us and forced us to accept and published it to the World that we should be released on amnesty but after everything, what Chinese government later freed was nothing but only pigeons in the name of prisoners.
“China uses we prisoners as their testing equipment, so we became their testing organs for every dangerous and fake product.
“China forced we prisoners to daily, we meant everyday blood donation that they sell for their own business interest.
“In China prisons where all the Police officers always use to tell us, that our governments, our ambassadors and even the world organizations are not regarded or respected and has no power and no right to help us out of the severe punishments.
“China government does not want to allow foreign prisoners to be sent to their countries in order to protect their foolish secrets, because they believe that if we eventually go that we must expose all their foolish secrets to the world.
“Deprivation of visitations, phone calls, letters to our families.
“In China prisons, we also suffer intimidation, severe depression and humiliation from both the untrained police officers and the uncivilized Chinese prisoners.
“China government guarders prisoners like sand.
“Does this communist China government really a government for humanity or touts club.
“The China government has lobbied all the African diplomats, representatives and ambassadors and many international communities and even the top United nation officials and many other world organizations officials in order to forget their official duties, both on the masses because they have sold their right and power under bribery and corruption.”

The prisoner equally wrote on plans by a group of individuals he labelled as African Right Network, stating that plans have begun on clamping down Chinese citizens around the world. While it is clear that his words must have originated from a point of dislike for the Chinese Government, One is forced to wonder how exactly such plans can take shape especially since he was currently being held.

He stated, “We’ve already blacklisted China government as a terrorist nation, even before the Iranian government by the United States of America, and from now henceforth, every Chinese citizen must face shoot-aside round the African continent including both officials and none officials, because China secretly backing and sponsoring terrorism and extremism round the world.

“Any region or province inside peoples Republic of China, that wants to separate themselves from China for their own independent must be fast and quick in raising their flag, because, any being with that passport written Peoples Republic of China is now a wanted, suspect and a target to us, and it is now a war between the African Right Network and China, and we are not in any agreement, consultation or negotiation with the Peoples Republic of China, if something is not immediately done by releasing all the African prisoners round China, but if you China like choose to release or choose to not release, any of these choices are convenience to us.”
Parts labelled as chapter two and three of the quite lengthy piece, underscores a detailed structure of Chinese Judicial processes. According to the aggrieved prisoner, the Chinese Government does not put suspects on trial. Instead, they are sent directly to prisons where foreigners are made to suffer for the crimes of locals. Read the chapters below.

In Panyu prison whereby the Court date of sentence approval delays many months and years before the Panyu prison warden police officers may later approve it on their own willingly date with the Court stamp because the Court stamp is in Panyu prison controlled by the Panyu Police officers because China government has no Court.
In Panyu prison nothing like commutation of the sentence all round China
In Panyu prison whereby we African prisoners were forced to work even both for Chinese prisoners.
In Panyu prison whereby Chinese prisoners would commit crimes, and Panyu officers would be punishing we African prisoners on behalf of the Chinese crimes, and all these are happening till tomorrow and forever in China and can never be stopped by them.

China trying to promote and boost their win-lose co-operation and free trade agreement with every other country’s products fake and contraband in order to seize every country’s economies and the world economy inside China.
The European economy, some part of American continent economy and African continent economy together with their mineral resources has been staggering, shrinking, missing for years without knowing whom to hold responsible for all the calamities, while you nations kept on laughing with China, because Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (All Bank) is there to help you blinded nations devastate your economies in the name of building your economies for you.
The Europeans, some part of the American Continent together with all the African leaders are really really blinded enough to join and welcome all the shrinkingly worthless platform from China, for example, Belt and Road initiative.
Who is the daint in conceiving born dirty communist China to have a nuclear weapon, without been demanded them to denuclearized it.
To hell with all the nations that voted for the communist China to be included among the world powers and to participate in the world organization bodies.
The communist China government causing and escalating all the troubles and threats through many countries against the United States of America, in order to be claiming a peaceful country in the eyes of many ignorant nations and to the eyes of many blinded governments.
The communist China government hostages hundreds of 0amicably for years, but that soft stance mustn’t be the stance that should be used in China.
The salutation of the communist China is not love and can never be love to any nation on earth.
Freedom of speech was then in those days for the westerners and should not be used nowadays on the communist China.
Why should we African prisoners in China be forgotten, abandoned by our government and our ambassadors in China, without even to know about us and even zero point zero one percent (0.01%) care about us, just because of the worthless and meaningless bribery our officials have collected from the Chinese government in the name of the African prisoners, what a pity and what a shame on the African government to be totally corrupted, blinded and at the same time be fooled around by the ritual Chinese government.
The communist China that built massacre camps, kidnapping camps, slaughter camps, slavery camps, butcher camps etc. round the nation in the name of prisons, it is really we against you communist China government on earth.
With the situations and threats on ground from the communist China with all its allies against the United States of America, American democrats president nowadays suppose to be taking power as minimum as at least once in twenty four years (24 years) not suppose to be eight years (8 years) anymore, and should not rule more than one tenure because democrats always brought American prestige down to the world.
If the International Communities and the world organization bodies have any duties at all operating or any help to offer, let you bodies first of all go and solve the issue of hostages prisoners in the Peoples Republic of China, because to save uncountable souls and lives worth more than every other thing you people think and not only saving and protecting your own personal profits, benefits and incomes.
And to authenticate his claims, the Nigerian man listed names of witnesses who were willing to testify to the maltreatments in the final chapter. He iterated that over one million individuals from different countries have relatives in China prisons. It reads:
We are African citizens that were eventually rustedly wastedly served our sentence in peoples Republic of China prisons.
One million two hundred thousand family witnesses mostly from Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Niger, Benin, Congo, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa etc. of those currently having their people sentenced to death delay or two years suspension in the Peoples Republic of China.
We voiced out to the world over the communist China government nations security intelligence data theft, nations, secret information data theft, for bribing the international communities during Barrack Obama administration in the year 2014 with wrong information and false accusations to blacklisted the Xinjiang independent movement group among the world extremist and terrorist list, for kidnapping and arresting everybody they see by labeling everybody criminals, for slaughtering, killing and destroying uncountable innocent souls in fact killing people worster than fowls and waster than ever on earth and the prisoners hostage camps militarization and now henceforth, we the African Right Network can no longer wait till the delay of the United States of America to blacklist the communist China government as a terrorist nation.

I am a Chinese citizen and my prison number was 4419027552.
I am a Chinese citizen and my prison number was 4419027285
I am a Chinese citizen and my prison number was 4419026512
I am a Chinese citizen and my prison number was 4419026020.
I am a Chinese citizen and my prison number was 4419025278.
I am a Chinese citizen and my prison number was 4419026035.
I am a Chinese citizen and my prison number was 4419027219.
I am a Chinese citizen and my prison number was 4419028010.
I am a Chinese citizen and my prison number was 4419027216.
I am a Chinese citizen and my prison number was 4419027913.
We voiced out to the international communities to join hands together to physically and totally reform the Peoples Republic of China.


I am a Chinese warden Police Officer and my Police Number is 4407429.

I am a Chinese warden Police Officer and my Police Number is 4407703.

I am a Chinese warden Police Officer and my Police Number is 4407310.

  1. 5) 4407561. 6) 4407685. 7) 4407203. 8)4407763.
  2. 10) 4407892. 11) 4407084. 10) 4407087. 11) 4407094. 12) 4407124. 13) 4407044. 14) 4407248. 15) 4407051. 16) 4407037. 17) 4407703. 18) 4407600. 19) 4407857. 20) 4407927. 21) 4407858. 22) 4407306. 23) 4407539. 24) 4407417. 25) 4407459. 26) 4407889. 27) 4407575. 28) 4407563. 29) 4407404. 30) 4407564. 31) 4407660. 32) 4407876. 33) 4407919. 34) 4407692. 35) 4407281. 36) 4407160. 37) 4407699. 38) 4407634. 39) 4407826. 40) 4407722. 41) 4407811. 42) 4407712. 43) 4407789. 44) 4407339. 45) 4407356. 46) 4407559. 47) 4407446. 48) 4407232. 49) 4407643. 50) 4407499. 51) 4407164. 52) 4407162. 53) 4407053. 54) 4407077. 55) 4407759. 56) 4407744. 57) 4407736. 58) 4407866. 59) 4407412. 60) 4407886. 61) 4407096. 62) 4407266. 63) 4407669. 64) 4407771. 65) 4407468. 66) 4407649. 67) 4407776. 68) 4407028. 69) 4407239. 70) 4407849. 71) 4407756. 72) 4407477. 73) 4407172. 74) 4407818. 75) 4407542. 76) 4407880. 77) 4407830. 78) 4407854. 79) 4407608. 80) 4407470. 81) 4407777. 82) 4407862. 83)4407543. 84) 4407541. 85) 4407522. 86) 4407311. 87) 4407844. 88) 4407644. 89) 4407751. 90) 4407890. 91) 4407547. 92) 4407288. 93) 4407767. 94) 4407746. 95) 4407011. 96) 4407807. 97) 4407665. 98) 4407207. 99) 4407075. 100) 4407518 101) 4407700. 102) 4407656. 103) 4407591. 104) 4407790. 105) 4407525. 106) 4407558. 107) 4407450. 108) 4407331. 109) 4407351. 110) 4407803. 111) 4407553. 112) 4407190. 113) 4407832. 114) 4407739. 115) 4407226. 116) 4407706. 117) 4407885. 118) 4407865. 119) 4407901. 120) 4407897. 121) 4407488. 122) 4407289. 123) 4407381. 124) 4407683. 125) 4407583. 126) 4407175. 127) 4407043. 128) 4407409. 129) 4407452. 130) 4407064. 131) 4407394. 132) 4407294. 133) 4407802. 134) 4407588. 135) 4407298. 136) 4407106. 137) 4407406. 138) 4407894. 139) 4407241. 140) 4407113. 141) 4407841. 142) 4407741. 143) 4407282. 144) 4407445. 145) 4407262. 146) 4407593. 147) 4407179. 148) 4407303. 149) 4407173. 150) 4407301. 151) 4407722. 152) 4407756. 153) 4407623. 154) 4407462. 155) 4407291. 156) 4407729.

We strongly hope and believe that Xinjiang Independent Movement group can be removed from the world extremist and terrorist blacklist, honestly it was under bribery, wrong informations and false accusation to the international communities during Barack Obama administration in the year 2014, and such decision to blacklisted them was really wrong and false inclusion and we strongly hope and believe that the communist ruling party must be wiped out, expired and be forgotten out of the face of the earth and the Peoples Republic of China must be disintegrated into pieces more than then Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) the old Soviet Union.


Are these claims truly genuine? What would these imply if they are? Those are some of the questions to ask especially since the original notes were reportedly penned down on paper and smuggled out of the writer’s prison in the bid to get the public’s attention.

He has mentioned the name of his prison, the Identification numbers of some Prison Wardens, among other things that continue to bug the mind. Whether his claims are mere projections of his thoughts, or the factual revelation of a well-hidden crime against humanity, there is only one way to find out. The Lagosian hereby draws the attention of the Government of Nigeria and the International Community to this disturbing series of allegations from a prison in China.

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