Tue. Dec 1st, 2020
Will the Indomitable Lions be present to defend their trophy?
Clarence Seedorf,coach of Cameroon. Surely must be feeling the malaise of African football.


The Cameroonian players have refused to leave their hotel in Yaoundé for Egypt in protest over bonuses. This row is not new to Cameronian football. The bone of contention is the bonuses offered to them by FECACOOT,the Football FA. The players are demanding 40 million francs ( €61,000) each, but the authorities claim they can’t pay more than 20 million francs (€30,500),which had been transferred to their various accounts.

Mediations and pleas from FECAFOOT ,Sports minister and legend Samuel Eto’o has met a brick wall thus far. In an open letter to the general public,the players explained the following points.

  1. Most of us paid fully or partially our air tickets from our clubs to the teams camp for the AFCON.
  2. During camping in Madrid and Doha,no player among the final 23 or the excluded 14 ,was paid participation premium.
  3. A presidential decree dating back to 2014 states that all bonuses ,participation fees,must be paid before the start of a major tournament like the AFCON.
  4. We have even accepted a 25% slash in our regular bonuses ahead of the upcoming AFCON but unfortunately, they are not honoring this.
  5. This disorganisation led to the refusal of players like Joel Matip,Stephanie Mbia and Nicolas Nkoulou to come to camp. All the 23 players signed the letter. CAF rules states that Cameroon’s players were to have arrived Egypt by Friday ( June 21) morning. Would CAF sticks to its rules by disqualifying the countr?will the players stand their feet or will the FECAFOOT dance to their tune or even,will there be a compromise at the end of the day? The clock is ticking !

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