There is a popular Yoruba song choirs used to sing in those early days of Christianity in Western Nigeria, the birthplace of world-acclaimed Prophet T.B. Joshua. It goes thus:

Oluwa n se bebe bii t’atijo o

Awa la o yin Baba bii t’atijo mo!

A simple translation would be:

God still does wonders like the days of old

It just that we don’t worship him like the days of old.

This song is indeed an apt intro to the amazing events recently coming out of the world-renowned Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, under the leadership of the truly gifted T.B. Joshua. Indeed, God is still doing things of wonders through the hands of his truthful servants. Unfortunately, God’s people apparently are not giving much honour to whom honour is due. Fortunately, this age has been blessed with worthy intermediaries between God and man. Powerful Men of God that have through their faith, commitment and dedication to God’s work have continued to make the pure Christianity of the days of the beginning possible today. One of such great children of God is Prophet T.B. Joshua.

After recent huge successes witnessed at T.B. Joshua’s programmes in many countries around the world, including Colombia, Mexico, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Peru and many more, where astonishing healing miracles were performed, people around the world could not but assert that the good old days of Christian Meetings are back for good.


This is not far-fetched. Christianity was built on the back of amazing works of redemption performed by Jesus Christ during his time in the Middle East of old. Through the records of his miracles preserved from generations to generations in the Holy Bible, records that were eye witness accounts of his disciples and direct beneficiaries of these works of redemption, Christianity took its roots and its tree of influence grew into branches that spread to the end of the world. Prior to the advent of the T.B. Joshua Ministries, Meetings akin to the wonders of those days of yore were few and far between.  Modernity, human inventions and the carefree attitudes that have crept into the nature of mankind have worked hard to alienate man from the good old undiluted belief in the essence of God in his daily existence. Man has in time come to put more trust in his human capacity than in the infallible power of God. Advancement in science and technology and the totality of Medicare and science oriented medicine have deceived man into believing that God hardly matters when it comes to matters of healing.

Time has however proved to man that there is a huge, yearning hole in the capacity of human knowledge when matters of healing and redemption are concerned. Many diseases and ailments have proved impossible for human medicine and, despite the immense advancement in science and technology, there is still a huge gulf unattainable by man. Yet in the days of old, when man still tended to put his trust in the power of God to heal, unimaginable miracles had been performed. Today, having been failed by his own devices, man now yearns, more than ever before, for the days of the beginning when miracles proved to man the incontrovertibility of the power of God. As people are wondering if the world would ever again witness the kind of raw, undiluted, eye-popping re-enactment of God’s awesome power in today’s Christianity, God again decided to show love for man by sending gifted men like Prophet T.B. Joshua to help him restore man to the days of complete trust in His love for mankind and absolute reliance on His power of redemption. It would not be long before T.B Joshua began to prove to the world that he is truly of God and one of the few chosen to continue on God’s behalf the much needed miracles of the modern era.

The assertion that the world has begun to witness, through the ministry of T.B. Joshua, the kind of old-time miracles that so turned Christianity to a movement of billions of people was given further impetus this June when the city of Sheffield, UK was sent agog with the dumbfounding miracles that occurred at the Emmanuel TV Programme hosted in the city.

Right before them and on the Emmanuel TV Channel around the world, many of the thousands of people who came to the FlySDA Arena venue in Sheffield received unforgettable and amazing divine touch by way of healing, restoration and redemption. Days after the June 1, 2019 event in Sheffield, words about the event still reverberate around the UK and the rest of the world. People can’t just stop talking about the hugely successful event.

With the success attained in Sheffield, it is no wonder that enthusiasm toward the Meeting billed to take place from June 23 to 24 in Nazareth has already reached fever pitch. The State of Israel is already in a healthy uproar in anticipation of what keen observers have termed the Christian Meeting of the Millennium. The buzz is that if Sheffield could be so successful, then the programme “Nazareth’s Meeting with T.B. Joshua” coming to the very land of Jesus’ birth would be super successful.

Israel has long been yearning for a repeat of the many works of miracle performed by its native son, Jesus Christ, centuries ago. For centuries, it has been anticipating a Meeting akin to the days of Jesus. Words from Israel indicate that the works of Prophet T.B. Joshua has rekindled the hope that miracles would soon return to the Holy Land. This belief has further been heightened by the recent success of the Meeting in Sheffield, UK and other nations of the world where the T.B. Joshua train had reached.

Since 2018, the Nazareth event has been gathering momentum. It started when T.B. Joshua visited the country on invitation by several dignitaries amongst whom were the Mayor of Nazareth, Ali Salam, and the Minister of Communications, MK Ayoob Kara. That year, T.B. Joshua was virtually implored by the Mayor to, as a matter of urgency, organize an international Meeting in Nazareth, Israel. “What a blessing meeting with you, Prophet T.B. Joshua,” Mayor Salaam had then told the Man of God. “We can’t wait to have you for a Meeting in Nazareth. We are ready.”

The wish of the Mayor of Jesus’ city, Nazareth has obviously been fulfilled now that the Prophet is finally on the way to Nazareth for what has been termed “The Meeting of the Year!”

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