Efforts have been intensified to put the finishing touches to the Comrade Giwa Niyi Osoba campaign. The candidate, who carries the flag of the Labor Party, is vying for the House of Representatives seat for the Ijebu Central Constituency.

He called on Labour leaders, Students’ Union leaders, Human Right Activists, Workers affliated to Nigeria Labour Congress, Trade Union Congress, United Labour Congress,Organised Labour, Students, Conscientious Politicians, Friends and Compatriot Electorate to come out en mass and vote for him.

“I promise to do my best and never to disappoint you All. It is my hope that God sees me through this contest and help me to discharge duties of the office to the best of my ability,” He said.



Name: OSOBA, Adeniyi Oluwakemi Mohammed Gias
Date Birth: 12th April, 1960
Local Govt. of Origin: Ijebu-Ode Local Govt. Area of Ogun State
Academic Qualifications:
i) WASCE O/Level June, 1983
ii) WASCE O/Level, June 1984
iii) B.A. (Hons) English, 1989, Ago-Iwoye
iv) Diploma in Law, 1997, Ago-Iwoye
v) Master of Personnel Psychology, (MPP) 2006, Ago-Iwoye.
vi) Master of Industrial and Labopr Relations, (MILR) 2011, EKSU, Ado-Ekiti
vii) Doctor of Philosophy, (Ph.D) in-view, Ago-Iwoye

Religion: Islam

Marital Status: Married with Children


i. Ebenezer Primary School, Oke-Ado, lbadan 1967-1972
ii. Wesley Primary School, Molipa, Ijebu-Ode 1973
iii. Prospect High School, Abanla, Ibadan 1974-1980
iv. Sanni-Luba Continuing Education Centre, Ijebu-Ode, ‘A’ Level 1983-1985
v. Ogun State University (now Olabisi Onabanjo) Ago-Iwoye 1985-1989
vi. Ogun State University (now Olabisi Onabanjo) Ago-Iwoye 1994-1996


1. Ph.D in Applied Psychology, Olabisi Onbanjo University, Ago-Iwoye.


Sales Clerk, Jan. 1982 March 1983, Ashabi Odeneye and Sons, Lagos.

i. Teaching, Oct. 1980 – Jan. 1981, St. James Ang. School, Atikori, ljebu-lgbo
ii. Teaching, Jan. 1981 – Dec. 1981, St. Joseph Catholic School, Ala-Ijebu
iii. Teaching, Sept. 1989 – Dec. 1990, College for Legal Studies, Yola, Gongola State (Now Adamawa)
iv. Teaching, Jan. 1991 – Sept. 1991, Government Technical Secondary School, Numan, Gongola State (now Adamawa)
v. Teaching, Oct. 1991 – Dec. 1991, Sanni Luba Continuing Education Centre, Ijebu-Ode
vi. Teaching, Oct. 1991 – Dec. 1991, Muslim Girls High School, Ijebu-Ode.
vii. Teaching, Oct. 2013 – Mar. 2014, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo State.
viii. Teaching, 2015 – till date, Institute of Education, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye.

i. Editor, Oct. 1990 – Dec. 1990, National Spectator Magazine, Yola, Gongola State. (now Adamawa)
ii. Retired, Director of Information, Dec. 1991 – Oct. 2013, Education and Sports GL 16 (Local Government Service Commission, Ogun State)

i. Niyi Osoba, et al, 2002, Foundation of Grammar and Communication
ii. Dr. Ogunneye, Niyi Osoba et al, Brief History of Ijebu North Local Government and achievement of previous Local Government Administrations.
iii. Niyi-Osoba, National Spectator Magazine. Vol. 01, 1990
iv. Written Several Speeches for Local Government Bosses.

i. Certificate of Participation 1993, Workshop on “Effective Information Management for Government Information Apparatus for the challenges of fluid socio-political environment”.
ii. Fellowship Certificate, 1996, National Conference on “Conflict Management in the Local Government” (OAU).
iii. Certificate of Attendance, 1996, “Workshop for Information Officers and Community Development Inspectors on Public enlightenment.”
iv. Fellowship Certificate, 1997, “National Seminar on Public Administration and Conflict Management in Local Government” (OAU).
v. Certificate of Attendance, 1998, “Workshop on Modern Communication Techniques’, Human Relations and Effective Mobilization of the people at the grass root level”.
vi. Certificate of Participation, 1998, “Workshop on Emerging Trends in Administration and Conflict Management in the Local Government”.
vii. Certificate of Participation 2000, Zonal “Workshop on Performance Management for officers of Local Government Service”.
viii. Certificate of Attendance, 2001, “Workshop on Project Monitoring & Evaluation for sustainable Human Development in Ogun State”.
ix. Certificate of Attendance, 2001, “Workshop on Project formulation, feasibility studies and appraisal for sustainable Human Development in Ogun State”.
x. Certificate of Attendance, 2002, “Workshop on understanding activities and control in a Democratic setup”.
xi. Further Attended over twenty (20) Local workshops and two (2) International Workshops on Socio- Economic as well as on Labour and Industrial Relations Issues between 1997 – 2003.
xii. Certificate of Participation, 2014, Workshop on Effective Political Party Management and Organisation.

i. Member, 1987 — 1989, Rotaract Club, district 911, Ijebu-Ode
ii. Member, 1998, Abeokuta Junior Chamber
iii. Member, 1999, Rotary Club of Abeokuta
iv. Honorary Member, 2009, Lions Club International District 404B Nigeria
v. Member, 2003 Nigeria Institute of Public Relations, Ogun State.
vi. Member, 2011 – till date, Nigeria Union of Journalists, Ogun State.

i. Member, 1985-1989, Sentinel Press Organization 0. 5. U. Ago-Iwoye
ii. Member 1990, NYSC Unity club, Gongola State (Now Adamawa/Taraba States)
iii. Member, 1994, Ogun State University Alumni Association, Ijebu-Ode Branch
iv. Member, 1994 till date Ijebu-Ode Club, Ijebu-Ode
v. Member, Board of Governor, Abobi Comprehensive High School, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State (1995-1998)
vi. Member 1995-2001, Governing Council, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye
vii. Chairman and Member, 1996-2000, NULGE State Executive Council, Ogun State
viii. Member, 1996-2000, National Central Working Committee NULGE, Nigeria
ix. Member, 1996-2000, National Executive Council NULGE, Nigeria
x. Chairman and Member, 1999-2003, State Executive Council NLC, Ogun State Council
xi. Member, 1999-2003, National Executive Council, Nigeria Labour Congress, Nigeria
xii. Patron, 2008, Image Social Club of Ijebu Land
xiii. Giwa, Egbe Bobagunte Asiwaju Okunrin Akile-Ijebu (2009 till date).

i. Health Prefect, 1974, Wesley Primary School, Molipa, Ijebu-Ode
ii. Ag. Dining Hall Prefect, 1979, Prospect High School, Abanla, (badan
iii. House Captain, 1980, Odunuga House, P.H.S. Abanla, Ibadan
iv. Member, 1988, Panel of Resources Persons, MAMSER, Ogun state
v. Patron, 1993 till date, Association of Campus Journalists, O.S.U.
vi. Member, 1997, Ogun State University Ad-hoc Committee on the Review of the University Edicts.
vii. Member, 1998, Nigeria Union of Journalists Award Committee Ogun State Chapter.
viii. Adviser, 2000, till date, Ogun state Cooperative College Students’ Union Govt. Abeokuta.
ix. Patron, 2001 till date, Abeokuta Football Association, Ogun State.
x. State Chairman / Trainer, 2003, National Election Labour Monitoring Team (NIC/TUC).

i. President, 1979, Muslim Students’ Society, Prospect High School Abanla, Ibadan
ii. President, 1979, Literary and Debating Society, Prospect High School Abanla, Ibadan
iii. Advert Manager, 1986, Sentinel Press Organization, O. S. U. Ago-Iwoye
iv. Director of Finance, 1987, Sentinel Press Organization, O. S. U. Ago-Iwoye
v. Deputy National President, 1987, National Association of Campus Journalists Nigeria.
vi. President, 1988-1989, Association of Campus Journalists, O. S. U. Ago-Iwoye
vii. Secretary, 1987-1988, Dossat Club of Nigeria, Ijebu-Ode.
viii. President, 1988-1989, Ogun State University Students’ Union Govt., Ago-Iwoye
ix. State Chairman, 1989-1990, NYSC Unity club, Gongola State (Now Adamawa I Taraba States)
x. State Publicity Secretary, 1992-1996, NULGE, Ogun State
xi. State Chairman, 1992-1996, Publicity and Public Relations Committee, NULGE, Ogun State.
xii. Elected Rep. of State NULGE at the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Negotiating Team over the (1993) 45% Salary increase in Abeokuta.
xiii. Elected Rep. of State NULGE at Tripartite Negotiating meeting (Comprising the Local Govt. Council Chairmen, Local Govt. Service Commission and Ogun State (NULGE) over the (1993) 45% salary increase.
xiv. State Chairman, 1993-1994, Democratic Youth Consultative Forum, Ogun State.
xv. Elected Rep. of State NULGE, 1995, to the Local Govt. Service Commission on the alleged delay in Promotion and anomaly in the appointment of Engr. J. O. Amusan (the then State Vice President of NULGE).
xvi. Secretary, 1995, Local Government Information Officers Forum (LOGIF)
xvii. Secretary, 1995-1996, Local Government Information Officers Welfare Committee
xviii. State Secretary, 1996-2001, Ogun State Information Officers Chapel (LOGIC)
xix. State Chairman, 1996, Ogun State NULGE Welfare Committee
xx. State chairman, 1996, Ogun State NULGE SECOND Quadrennial Delegates Conference Planning Committee.
xxi. State President, 1996-2000 NULGE Ogun State Branch
xxii. State Chairman, 1999-2003, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Ogun State
xxiii. Zonal Chairman, 1999-2003, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Western Region Zonal Council, Nigeria
xxiv. National Trustee (South West), December 2004 — March 2005, NULGE, Nigeria
xxv. National Presidential Aspirant, 2005, NULGE National Election at Kano
xxvi. Acting Coordinating Director (Now HOLGA), 2006-2007, Ogun Water-Side Local Government, Abigi, Ogun State.
xxvii. Acting Local Government Chairman, 4th June — 4th July 2007, Ogun Water-Side Local Government, Abigi, Ogun State.
xxviii. NOMINEE, Ogun State Government, 2010, to the (Federal Government) National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC)
xxix. Secretary, Ogun State Government Presidential visit Committee, (2010).
xxx. State Chairman, Local Government Education Authority Staff Verification Committee (2010).
xxxi. State Coordinator, Omoilu Foundation, Ogun State, Jan. 2016 – June, 2017

i. Consultant to the Governor on Workers Welfare and Pension (August, 2007 – 2011).
ii. Member, THE ACTION GROUP (OGD CAUCUS) 2009 – 2011
iii. Chairman, Caretaker Committee, Ijebu-Ode Local Government Caretaker Committee (Feb.2011 – May, 2011)
iv. State Chairman, Labour Party, Ogun State, March – Sept., 2014.
v. Director of Organisation, P.D.P. Ogun State, 2015
vi. Member, P.D.P. Publicity Committee, Ogun State 2015
vii. SecretaryPDP, Local Government Election Committee, Ogun State, 2016
viii. Secretary, P.D.P. Disciplinary Committee, Ogun State, 2016

K1. Laurel: Best Student in Literature, 1979, at Prospect High School, Abanla, Ibadan. (Presented with Macbeth Textbook)

i. Certificate of Service (Advert Manager), 1987-1988, Sentinel Press Organization, O.S.U. Ago-Iwoye.
ii. Certificate of Service, (Financial Director), 1988-1989, Sentinel Press Organization, O.S.U. Ago-Iwoye
iii. Certificate of National Service, 1990, NYSC, Nigeria.
iv. Certificate of Honour, 1992, Sentinel Press Organization, 0. S. U. Ago-Iwoye.

i. Meritorious Award, Sentinel Press Organization, 0. S. U. “In recognition of Excellent Service to the Organization for consistently keeping the highest tradition of the Pen Profession”.
ii. State Honour Award, 1990, NYSC, Gongola State “For Exemplary Service to the Government and the people of Gongola State”. (Now Adamawa / Taraba States).
iii. Certificate of Merit, 1991, Association of Campus Journalists, O. S. U. “In recognition of Laudable Achievement and contribution to campus Journalism”.
iv. Meritorious Award, 1992, Sentinel Press Organisation, “As the most consistent Member”
v. Outstanding Young Person Award, 1999, Abeokuta Junior Chamber “For Personal Accomplishment”
vi. Meritorious Award, 1998, NULGE Yewa South Local Government “In recognition of support to the Union and Yewa Land”.
vii. Award of Excellence, 2000, Young Muslim Brothers & Sisters of Nigeria (Youmbas) Ogun State” as a mark of honour for Islamic Jurisprudence and Defence of State labour force with Unblemished Courage”
viii. Meritorious Award, 2001, Leo club FCE, Osiele “For Unrelenting efforts in the building of the national and the Youth in the Society”.
ix. Award Excellence, 2002, UNAAB/Students’ Union Government Abeokuta” In appreciation of immense contribution to the programme of the students’ Union”
x. Gold Award, 2002, eminent D. S. D. Workers (New Kiln Line Project) Ewekoro “For Excellent Service to Humanity”.
xi. Distinguished Service Award, 2003, National Teachers Club, Ogun State Chapter “For displaying sterling qualities and ideology cherished by the Association”.
xii. Distinguished Award for Excellence, 2008, Pospect High School, Abanla Old Students’ Association, Ijebu-Ode Branch.
xiii. Certificate of Honour, Outstanding, Consultant in Ogun State, 2009, by Gateway News-up date.
xiv. Best Consultant to the Governor of Ogun State (2011) by the Ogun state Government.
xv. Ijebu Legends Award, (2011) by African Citizens Organisation for Development (ACOD).

i. Life Association Member (L: A. M.), 1990, NYSC Unity Club Nigeria
ii. Grand Commander of Students’ Union, (GCSU), 1995, OSU, Students’ Union, Ago-Iwoye
iii. Defender of Grand Comrade of Students’ Union (DGCSU), 1996, OSU, Students’ Union, Ago-Iwoye
iv. Senior Advocate of the Masses, (SAM), 2002 UNAAB, Students’ Union Government, Abeokuta.
v. Osupa Adinni (Chief), 2003, Temidire Mosque Mulsim Community, Old Ondo/Benin Road, Ijebu-Ode.
vi. Best Social Liberator, 2008, National Association of Social Work Students (TASUED)
vii. Otunba Jagunmolu of Makun-Omi Kingdom (2014): by His Royal Highness, Late Oba M. A. Odugbefun, the Osobia of Makun-Omi, Ogun state.
viii. Patron, Obanta Youth Movement, Ijebu-Ode, 2014
ix. Otunba Obajuwon of Ilodo (2016) by His Royal Highness, Oba (Engr.) Isiaka Ajede, the Ogirimadagbo of Ilodo Kingdom.
x. Giwa-Adinni, Odo-Esa Premier Mosque, Ijebu-Ode, 2016.
xi. Patron, Ogun East Youth Forum (OEYF) Ogun State, 2015
xii. Patron, Imoru Youth Forum, Ijebu-Ode, 2016

i. From the Principal, Prospect High School, Abanla, Ibadan, 1980 “Adeniyi Osoba has been found to be respectful, humble and honest”
ii. From the State Director, NYSC (Gongola State), 1990, “As the State Chairman of NYSC Unity Club,
the Club expanded under his leadership. He is a good leader and mobilize very intelligent, hardworking and full of initiatives has regards for Accountability”
iii. From Ogun State University, 1990, A good ambassador of Ogun State University (For winning NYSC Gongola State Award).
iv. From Chief S. O. Ogungbe, Former Chairman, Ijebu-North Local Government, Ijebu-Igbo, 1995, a reliable, loyal and hardworking officer full of initiatives and drives”
v. From Wise-Words associates Limited, Lagos, 1998, “adjudged the most active participant at a workshop
organized for Information Officers and Community Development Inspectors in Ogun state Local Govt. Service.
vi. From Association of Primary School Teachers of Nigeria (APSTON) Ogun State Branch, 1999, “a good Partner towards achieving the goal of the association”.
vii. From Comrade Dennis Ashafa, Clerk of OSU Students Union Government, 2000, “In recognition of matured handling of minimum wage struggle in Ogun state.
viii. From Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, President, Nigeria Labour Congress, 2000 “Impressed with the activism and courage displayed in the struggle for justice and equity in the world of work.
ix. From Comrade Mashood Erubami, Executive Director, CHRRD, 2011, “we are quite appreciative of your warm reception and participation at the last citizen constituency meeting”.
x. From the Association of Gentleman, Ogun Water side, Ogun State, 2005. “It is your inborn behavior to
assist the less privileged ones within and around you invariably, it is not going to be an overstatement if you are called THE BABA ALANU OF THE ASSOCIATION OF GENTLEMEN, OGUN WATER SIDE.
xi. From the Chairman, Board of Internal Revenue, Ogun state, 2006, “On behalf of Ogun State Government
and the good people of Ogun State, we deeply express our sincere gratitude to you for vast wealth of knowledge displayed through the lecture delivered at the forum”.
xii. From the Education Secretary, Ogun Water side Local Government Education Authority, 2007, “We
appreciate your visit as the acting chairman of the Local Government to the Local Government Education Authority, being the first of its type since 2003. We also thank you for the supply of 5,000 Exercise Books and 1,000 Kegs of Chalkboard renovator”.
xiii. From a Permanent Secretary Mr. Adegbite, 2010, if not for the role played by very few people like you,
we will not be where we are today. Despite the insults and hostility, you maintained your calm. You are one of the very few unsung HERO of OGD’s administration. Please keep on standing by our amiable Governor and God will continue to stand by you.
xiv. From HRH Oba (Engr.) S. A. Salisu JP Lamodi of Isiwo-Ijebu (2011), “On behalf of entire Isiwo Traditional
Council and myself, I express profound and sincere appreciation for your visit to our domain. The interaction session had shown us that the Ijebu Community remained united and for equal opportunity”.
xv. Ensorsement by PDP ward one, Ijebu-Ode, 2009″ “Comrade Niyi-Osoba has provided unparallel
leadership at all times. His appointment by His Excellency, Otunba Gbenga Daniel has been found beneficial and as a catalyst of cohesion among all members, of the party in the ward and entire Local government area” – S. O. Sodique, Ward Chairman.
xvi. Endorsment by the PDP, Ijebu-Ode Local Government, 2009 “Comrade Niyi-Osoba has always been
a supporter of the Party Secretariat and Party activities, morally and financially. Apart from taking responsibility of paying monthly salary of two of the secretariat Staff,… he has empowered many members in all eleven wards of our local government area and sustained their hope in the party. He has established himself as a sincere, reliable and dependable (person). He is therefore not only recommended for endorsement (as a consultant to the Governor) but for appointment into higher position and responsibilities – Alhaji R. O. Arowolo, PDP, Local Government Chairman.
xvii. Endorsement by the PDP, Collegiate Council, Ijebu-Ode 2009. ‘Giwa Niyi-Osoba has proved to be a
good grassroot politician, he has been benevolent to people at ward level by empowering members in the ward, he has been a supporter of party activities both morally and financially. He has also proved himself as worthy disciple of OGD”. Giwa Bisi Rodipe, Collegiate Chairman.

i. Service to Humanity
ii. Writing
iii. Listening to Music
iv. Playing Badminton

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