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Against the backdrop of efforts of some critics to denigrate the work of the world famous Prophet and Televangelist, TB JOSHUA, especially in social media platforms, the great cleric, The Lagosian observes, has always maintained an admirable equanimity.

Over the years, observers say, he has chosen to remain indifferent to criticism, rather focusing on the good work he’s renowned for: soul-winning, amazing philanthropy, dumbfounding miracles and a huge reputation as a generous benefactor around the world. One cannot but wonder how this man has been able to develop a thick skin to the darts of detractors.

However The Lagosian has stumbled on one of the reasons why TB Joshua has always exhibited such huge courage under fire. Apart from his great faith, we recently discovered, TB Joshua is also strengthened by the fact that to every singular critic there are thousands and even millions of admirers around the world ever ready to defend him. A recent surf through the information super highway revealed to The Lagosian that on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest WhatsApp and many other platforms, TB Joshua is blessed with countless inspired admirers and fans who are ready, based on their lives having been touched by the cleric, to stand in his defence any day.

“This is impressive” one observer of this trend says. “With such huge number behind the Man of God, I’m sure he needs fear no foe or criticism.”

A classical example of this huge outpouring of love for TB Joshua can be found in a recent message by one Kamalo Tapson to a Facebook group with the name “Friends Who Like TB Joshua…”
In the message. Tapson says: “Devil is using TB Joshua, Bushìrì and other false prophets in the world.”

As soon as he made this obscene post, thousands of Facebook users from across Africa began to send him throngs of backlash messages and condemnation. The Lagosian now brings you snippets of these responses.

From South Africa, Facebook user Kachenjela Larson says: “You are cased, ” in bold letters. From Zambia Elimah Baliki Mulenga tells Tapson: “You are stupid like stupidity!”(sic). Another respondent of uncertain provenance but obviously an African, Livinus Chiabih Kom says: “I no blame you. Search your life.”

GCG Embassy another Facebook presence’s response is even more acerbic. It teads: Judgements of God will come upon you.” Also, a Zambian lady, Mercy Kasonde in her own reaction says: “What have you done for the needy, the sick and the less privileged for you to criticize TB Joshua?” while Moses Sinfukwe, a South African says: “In fact you are a disgrace to your family. Fool!”
Phineas Moloi another user from somewhere in the south of the Continent adds: “May God continue to work through TB Joshua to assist many people in the world.”

Another lady, Sithungu Twaambo has this to say: “Don’t touch the anointed of God or you will curse yourself.“
In the wordd of one observer The Lagosian interviewed, an interesting perspective is derived. “With these and millions of other positive sentiments towards TB Joshua around the world, ” he says.”It is no wonder the Man of God would rather focus on his mission than bother about minuscule criticism from those who don’t understand.”

This reminds The Lagosian of the Yoruba saying: “Èébúdọla,” meaning: “Criticism has turned to blessing.”

Nothing can be truer for TB Joshua and his story of amazing success despite the odds and impressive courage in the face of persecution. He surely has the people behind him.

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